Top 5 Exciting Attractions of Billund, Denmark

Legoland Billund

For nearly half a century this attraction has been going strong. Legoland Billund is the world’s first Legoland ever and therefore is the most-visited place in Denmark.

Here you can find nine LEGO-themed lands to discover, especially for kids, while the place that everyone must see is Mini-Land. This is a place where city spaces and different monuments from across Denmark and the World have been built to LEGO’s 1:20 scale. You’ll be able to see the Statue of Liberty, Egyptian Abu Simbel templates, Acropolis, as well as the old district of Copenhagen – Nyhavn.

Legoland Billund has also roller coasters, combined with a lot of smaller rides for kids and toddlers. It’s definitely a fun place to see!


AquaDome, Lalandia Billund

Welcome to the tropics! Lalandia Billund is Scandinavia’s largest Aquadome, amusements and activity complex. Here you can enjoy the tropical climate with various water activities in all kinds for both young and the old. Teenagers and kids can take on the wave pool and plunge down slides, while adults can retreat to the wellness area full of saunas, massages and spa treatments. Lalandia is the perfect setting for a successful holiday for everyone – whatever the weather!

Givskud Zoo

With only a short hop from Legoland, you can experience a day in the animal kingdom!

Take your family for a safari in your own car and get close to the animals. Or if you don’t have a car; don’t worry, you can join the Safari Bus for a guided ride through the park! Here you can drive through a lot of huge, open enclosures to get awesome views of African savannah species like antelopes, rhinos, lions,  zebras, and giraffes.

Givskud Zoo has the largest dinosaur exhibition in Denmark as well. Here you can discover over 40 different life-sized species including the deadly carnivore Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Kongernes Jelling – home of the Viking kings

Kongernes Jelling experience center invites the whole family to explore Jelling of the Viking Age. It’s a journey through tales of glimmering flames to an age of Vikings, Valhalla warriors and transition to Christianity in Denmark. Here you will also learn about the Danish kings, from the very old to the present royal family.

A part of this museum is a free attraction that preserves a UNESCO-listed 10th-century Viking monument created by King Harald Bluetooth.

The visit of the Danish National Museum, Kongernes Jelling, in a way has inspired children and adults alike with unique experiences.

Lego Factory Tour

This isn’t something special and for diehard LEGO fans, it will be a dream come true. However, this tour is not something you can just turn up and do. LEGO factory tours are very unique and need to be arranged even months in advance. You also need to take into consideration that the factory experience lasts for two days. Over these two days, you will see how the little bricks and minifigs are designed and produced. You will also have an opportunity to visit the creator Ole Kirk Kristiansen’s house, where there are LEGO sets dating to the 1930s. During the tour, you will even have a chance to chat with LEGO designers who will give you the inside track on how LEGO sets are created. And last but not least, at the end of your trip, you’ll be presented with a specially-designed LEGO gift chosen by Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen (the founder’s grandson) as a keepsake! How exciting?!