WizzAir is following hand luggage policy of Ryanair! Hand luggage onborad if you pay for it!

WizzAir just changed its hand luggage policy. So far WizzAir allowed for the first 90 passengers (Wizz Priority holders included) to bring their hand luggage on board, while the rest of the passengers had to leave their luggage and it was placed into the cargo hold compartment of the aircraft and could be collected at the baggage belt in the arrival airport.

From now on only passengers with Wizz Priority will be able to bring their hand luggage on board subject to boarding procedures at each airport.

If you wish to carry your belongings with you during your flight, you should purchase the Wizz Priority option.

The WIZZ Priority fee is

  • € 5.00 – € 10.00 if you buy online or through the Wizz Air Call Centre
  • € 25.00 if you buy the service at the airport
  • non-refundable