World’s Most Scenic Cruises

What are the world’s most scenic cruises?

To help you find the answers to this question, we’ve created this list of the most beautiful cruises in the world. There’s a variety of great cruises available. So many options to choose from, and they are all great! From exotic tropical destinations to the icy cold of the Arctic and Antarctic. 4-day adventures to 3 week-long expeditions. From river cruises to ocean cruises… 

So, check out this article to learn more about the world’s best cruises!

World’s Most Scenic Cruises

Caribbean Cruises 

Caribbean Cruises 

The Caribbean is one of the best cruise destinations in the world.

This region is magnificent, with beautiful islands and pristine white-sand beaches backed by swaying palm trees. With more than 700 islands, the region has a lot to offer to its visitors. It’s a diverse region with lots of different cultures, incredible places to visit and contrasting experiences. There are many itineraries to choose from.

When planning a Caribbean Cruise, you have a choice between three Caribbean sectors:

  • Eastern Caribbean — Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, British Virgin Islands
  • Western Caribbean — Miami, Jamaica, Cuba, Honduras, Riviera Maya in Mexico, Belize
  • Southern Caribbean — Dominica, Aruba, Barbados, Antigua, Martinique, St. Lucia, Trinidad and Tobago

Once you have decided on a sector, the next step is to choose the best Caribbean cruise itinerary for you. Here are a few examples:

Caribbean cruises depart from Miami (USA), Ft. Lauderdale (USA), Tampa (USA), Orlando (USA), etc.  

French Polynesia

French Polynesia

French Polynesia is one of the most incredible destinations in the world.

Being an isolated and less-visited destination, French Polynesia offers remote island getaways and once-in-a-lifetime experiences. French Polynesia comprises 121 islands, only 75 of which are inhabited. 

French Polynesia is diverse — some of its islands are volcanic with rugged cliffs, some are covered in dense jungle, but some of them are home to the world’s most beautiful pristine beaches with soft, white sand and crystal clear waters. 

Keep in mind that as French Polynesia is an isolated destination, it is expensive. Cruises to French Polynesia are expensive too. But all of it is completely worth it as French Polynesia cruises are among the world’s most scenic cruises.

Some of the best French Polynesia cruises are:

French Polynesia cruises depart from Honolulu (Hawaii), Los Angeles (USA), and Sydney (Australia).

Antarctica Cruise

The most expensive cruise, and probably the most interesting cruise on this list.

Visiting incredible Antarctica is a once in a lifetime opportunity. You will be blown away. 

Antarctica Cruise is not your regular cruise. During a cruise to Antarctica, you can participate in educational seminars and lectures, and talk to experts in the field. Some liners organise bar talks in the evenings when guests can talk with experts in a more informal setting.

As you can see, it’s more of an expedition than a regular cruise. 

When sailing to Antarctica, you’ll have an opportunity to see large penguin and seal colonies, take a dip in ice-cold water, marvel at icebergs and glaciers, and take in incredible, pristine Antarctic landscapes. If you are lucky, you might spot a whale. 

Again, just like with any other cruise, there are different itineraries and companies to choose from. There are smaller and bigger cruise ships sailing to Antarctica.

Some of the best expedition cruises to Antarctica:

The most popular cruises are 2-3 week-long cruises. 3 week-long cruises include a stop at the Falklands and South Georgia.

Antarctica cruises depart from Ushuaia (Argentina), and Puerto Williams (Chile).

Norwegian Fjords Cruise

Norwegian Fjords Cruise

Norwegian Fjords cruises are among the best cruises in Europe.

On a Fjord cruise, you will sail far inland and see the magnificent Fjords of Norway which is what the country is so famous for. Norway is also known for rocky cliffs, quaint, picturesque towns and icy waterfalls, and you will have an opportunity to see all of that. On some cruises, you’ll sail far into the Arctic Circle to see the magnificent Northern Lights.

The best time to take a cruise in Norway is during the summer (between May and July) when you are greeted by the midnight sun. Meaning – it’s light all day. Plus, the weather is warmer, too.

The second most popular time for visiting Norway is during the late fall and winter (between October and March) when the Northern Lights are the most visible. 

Just like with any other cruise, there are loads of options and itineraries. You can choose a cruise that visits multiple countries in the region (e.g., Norway, Iceland, Greenland).

Some examples:

Norwegian Fjords cruises depart from Oslo (Norway), Tromsø (Norway), and Southampton (UK).

Nile River Cruise

Nile River Cruise

The Nile River cruise is one of the best things to do in Egypt.

Nile River Cruise is a floating hotel that will take you to Egypt’s most iconic cities such as Luxor and Aswan. Discover the civilisation that developed on the banks of the Nile, learn about the rich culture and explore the archaeological treasures of Egypt. 

There is a variety of River Nile cruises:

Nile River cruises depart from Cairo (Egypt), Luxor (Egypt), Aswan (Egypt), Tel Aviv (Israel), and Aqaba (Jordan).

Mediterranean Cruise

Mediterranean Cruise

The Mediterranean is one of the best cruise destinations in Europe.

Mediterranean Cruise gives you a good overview of the Mediterranean, as you’ll visit several countries in the region. The Mediterranean is known for its natural beauty, stunning beaches, historical sites and world-famous cuisine. There’s no doubt that Mediterranean cruises are among the world’s most scenic cruises.

Just like with the Caribbean, there are several itineraries to choose from.

Here are a few examples of the best Mediterranean cruises

  • Western Mediterranean Barcelona to Rome (Barcelona – Montpellier – Marseille, Monte Carlo, Florence, Rome)
  • The ancient cities of the Mediterranean — Rome to Athens (Rome – Naples – Messina – Crete – Ephesus – Athens)
  • The quintessential Mediterranean Cruise — Venice to Athens (Venice – Koper – Zadar – Dubrovnik – Kotor – Corfu – Katakolon – Santorini – Athens)
  • The Greek Isles Cruise — from Athens (Athens – Thessaloniki – Mykonos – Ephesus (Turkey) – Rhodes – Santorini – Hydra – Athens)
  • Croatia Cruise — Split to Dubrovnik (Split – Sibenik – Vis – Hvar – Korcula – Mljet – Slano – Dubrovnik).

As you can see, you can choose between multi-country cruises and single-country cruises. If you choose a single-country cruise, you may choose from a big or small ship cruise option. If you want a more authentic experience, join a yacht cruise. Yacht cruises and charters are very popular in Greece. 

Mediterranean cruises depart from Barcelona (Spain), Rome (Italy), Venice (Italy), and Athens (Greece). 

World's Most Scenic Cruises

Cruise Tips

  1. Cruise Critic is a great website for learning all things cruise. Also, here you can find information about cruise lines, cruise ships and routes. On Cruise Critic, you can read reviews and read expert tips. Also, the website allows you to compare cruise deals of several cruise lines.
  2. Use Cruise Sheet, Vacations to GoCheap CaribbeanCruise to find the best cruise deals. 
  3. Before booking a cruise, make sure you find out if you need visas for your cruise destinations.
  4. Know what to wear! Daytime clothing on a ship is casual. Upscale cruise lines, however, have strict dress codes for dinner. If there are formal nights on the cruise, bring an elegant formal outfit too. If there are theme nights (e.g., Halloween) on your cruise, pack accordingly. Check with your cruise line to find out what theme nights or parties will take place.
  5. Find out what the weather will be like at your destination, so you can pack accordingly.
  6. Pack motion sickness medicine. It is the most reliable way to prevent seasickness on a cruise. You may need to start taking the meds a couple of days before the trip.
  7. Arrive at your departure port a day early, to ensure you don’t miss your ship.
  8. The best cruise lines, like, Royal Caribbean International, Princess Cruises, Celebrity Cruises, Norwegian Cruise Line, Carnival Cruise Line, MSC Cruises, P&O Cruises, and Holland America Line.