WOWAir is axing service to at least four more U.S. cities

WOWAir has confirmed it is axing service to at least four more U.S. cities as it restructures amid a cash crunch.

“We have decided to stop serving Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York JFK and Dallas/Forth Worth, so they will not feature in our schedule for 2019,” WOW Air spokeswoman Svanhvít Fridriksdóttir said in a statement.

It remains to be seen if WOW will be able to do that. The Icelandic carrier says it will cut its fleet nearly in half, going from 20 planes to just 11 as it seeks to cut costs and raise cash. The fleet reduction has led to speculation about cuts to other U.S. destinations.

WOW made its latest downsizing move as it entered into talks with Indigo Partners to take an undisclosed stake in the carrier. Indigo has developed a successful niche in the budget airline space. It owns Frontier in the USA and has stakes in a number of other global discount carriers.

Even before that news broke, WOW had already said it would ax three other U.S. destinations. Its service to Cincinnati and Cleveland ended in the fall; St. Louis flights will be discontinued in January.

For now, WOW’s remaining lineup in North America includes seven U.S. destinations and two in Canada. They are Baltimore/Washington; Boston; Chicago O’Hare; Detroit; Montreal; Newark, New Jersey; Toronto; Pittsburgh; and Orlando, Florida.