10 movies that will inspire you to pack your bags and hit the road pt. 2!

Even though, it is March already, but Europe is being hammered by blizzards and storms. The cold weathers have even been dubbed ‘Siberian blast’. If you don’t feel like going out, then why not wrap yourself in blanket, pour yourself a huge cup of tea and watch a travel movie to get some inspiration?

TravelFree presents you with a list of 10 travel movies which should make you wanderlust. This is the second list, if you are interested in checking the 10 movies we had suggested you previously then CHECK HERE

1. In Bruges (2008). Okey, okey, this is not exactly a ‘travel’ movie in a sense that it is not about the travellers who chose a particular destination themselves. They were rather forced to do it. To choose Bruges. And we should mention that they are a couple of serial killers. But besides witty British humour and well-written script, what is definitely going to catch your attention are the mesmerizing views of the small town of Bruges in Belgium. Haven’t been there yet? Well you surely will want to visit Bruges after watching this movie.


2. Vicky Cristina Barcelona (2008). Another one from 2008 and another one which takes place in Europe. This Woody Allen’s masterpiece is not only about the beautiful city of Barcelona but about the emotional and passionate livestyles of Spanish people. Whether you are planning to visit the capital of Catalonia or not, this movie is definitely worth watching.


3. The Legend of Tarzan (2016). The jungle, the mountains, the oceans, the monkeys, the fights, the adventures… This action-packed movie is surely going to be a nice watch for an adventurous spirit. In this iteration, Tarzan has become domesticated and lives in London but when the jungle calls him, he comes back to the jungle. The creator of many Harry Potter movies, David Yates, presents the viewer with an incredible story of the ‘Jungle King’.


4. The Bucket List (2007). While this comedy is not about any particular destination (though the characters travel quite a lot), it is about the most important journey – the journey to yourself. Two men of different social backgrounds are diagnosed with cancer and don’t have much time left. Instead of complaining they decide to make a ‘Bucket list’ of the things they have necer done in their lives and do all these things before they ‘kick the bucket’.


5. Amelie (2001). I am pretty sure most of you have seen this but Amelie is so good that it is worth rewatching it. The story, directing, acting, music, cinematography… one could hardly find a flaw in this French classics. And besides all that – the Paris district of Monmartre. If you have ever been to Paris you can’t help but love Amelie. Even if you haven’t been to Paris, Amelie makes you fall in love with the French capital and its colourful streets.


6. Everest (2015). Okey, let’s get back to adventures. Climbing is one of the toughest but most romanticized sports. Climbers are those travellers whose stories are always interesting to hear. Well definitely this one too. Based on true story, the movie Everest takes us to a bunch of alpinists seeking to conquer the highest mountain on Earth. Actually the movie takes us to one of the worst disasters on Mount Everest. It will surely be a thrilling experience and you won’t be able to take your eyes off the screen.


7. Crocodile Dundee (1986). No Australian movie is as iconic as Crocodile Dundee. Immerse yourself in the Southern hemisphere adventure together with the legendary Dundee (who, by the way is based on a Latvian WWII veteran, did you know that?). The first part is about Australian wilderness and (yes, you guessed it) about crocodiles. The part I wasn’t enough and want to see some more Dundee? Turn on the part II which takes you to the concrete jungle in the U.S. then!


8. Kon Tiki (2012). Since travelling is altogether associated with adventures then let’s continue with the adventure movies. On Kon Tiki you will find a story of five Norwegians who set off on an increadibly dangerous journey to prove that Polynesia was inhabbited by Southern Americans. Oh, I should mention that they are not taking a cruise but a raft. Yes, you’ve read right. A raft. Now see why this sounds like quite an adventure?


9. On the Road (2012). We included Europe, Australia, Polynesia, Nepal… but not the USA? Well, time for the States too, then. On the Road is a classical novel by Jack Kerouac that inspired generations of young people all around the world. The story takes us to a young writer Sal Paradise, his free-spirited friend Dean Moriarty and his girl Marylou. The thrill of adventures and staggering views make the movie based on Kerouac’s book really worth watching before setting off on a roadtrip.


10. Seven Years in Tibet (1997). And let’s come back to the Himalyas once again. Especially when Brad Pitt is in the Himalayas, right? Seven Years in Tibet is a movie about a young Austrian climber who is forced to be in Tibet due to the WWII. And in Tibet he meets a 14th Dalai Lama who is still a boy and becomes one of his tutors. Eventually the two become friends.