7 best places to visit in ARMENIA

Curious about the best places to visit in Armenia? Armenia, a country with a tragic past and ancient and complex history, is developing as a great tourist destination. More and more people decide to visit Armenia every year, the country’s tourism infrastructure is improving, yet it still is an undiscovered jewel of the Caucasus Mountains and off the beaten path even for Eastern European travellers.

If that’s what you are after, now is the time to visit Armenia.

The country is situated in the mountainous region between Asia and Europe. It’s rich with culture, has an extraordinary collection of medieval monasteries and dramatic landscapes which leave its visitors speechless.

Are you intrigued already? Then start planning your Armenia trip.

And check out this list of some of the most beautiful places in Armenia.

7 best places to visit in Armenia


yerevan armenia

Yerevan is a mix of old and new — rusty and shiny.

Not only is it one of the best places to visit in Armenia, but also one of the best places for trying Armenian food and coffee.

Think of an old soviet Lada car parked next to a stylish craft beer bar or European-style wine bar. Add into the mix local hipsters and babushkas, and here you have Yerevan, the capital of Armenia. The city which is also a great weekend getaway destination. Yes, Tbilisi (Georgia) is a cool city, but so is Yerevan, and it’s so close.

Go to the GUM market to get some local fruits or snacks, and to get the vibe of the city. Wander around the area of the Yerevan Opera Theatre. Most of the cities most beautiful sights are in this area and within a walking distance. Climb the stairs of the Yerevan Cascade Complex to have a nice view of the city. 

And don’t forget to try Armenian wines! 

There are many wine bars on Saryan street.


noravank armenia

If you love nature and history, this is your place to go.

Built in the 13th century, the Noravank Monastery is one of the country’s most known religious sites, and not without a reason. This centuries old monastery is a well preserved example of the architecture of the period, and it’s set in an awe-inspiring place. If you happen to visit the place late in the day, stay a little bit longer to watch the sun setting over the dramatic cliffs surrounding the site. 

In total there are 3 surviving churches in the complex.

Khor Virap

the best places to visit in armenia

A centuries old monastery and pilgrimage site in a mountainous setting.

If not for the monastery, visit the area for its beautiful views of the imposing mountains.

Located in the West of the country and close to the border of Armenia and Turkey, this monastery also offers spectacular views of Mount Ararat.

Lake Sevan

lake sevan armenia

Just take a look at the map of Armenia, and you’ll immediately notice it.

Lake Sevan is a huge high-altitude lake, set almost 2000 meters above sea level.

It’s the largest lake in Armenia and Caucasus, and also one of the largest freshwater high-altitude lakes in the world.

Swimming, windsurfing, sailing or jet-skiing. If you would like to try any of these activities in Armenia, go to Lake Sevan. Being the biggest body of water in the country, Lake Sevan is also the most popular water recreation destination in Armenia.

Wineries in Armavir Province

best places to visit in armenia

Armavir Province is one of the leading winemaking regions in the country.

If you are into wines, mostly probably you’ll know that already. If you aren’t or you didn’t know that – now you know. Do you want to learn more about Armenian wines? Do you want to try Armenian wines? Is it even worth it? It is. Even Forbes has said that the Armenian wines are kicking with quality.

And there aren’t many better places than this one to do it.

A couple of wineries worth mentioning – Karas Wines and Voskeni Wines.

Tatev Monastery

visit armenia

A monastery again? Yep.

Armenia is popular for its monasteries and for the epic sceneries they are usually set in. Tatev Monastery is not an exception. Located in the South East of the country and built on a cliff it’s harder to get to that most, but, as it often is with these kind of places, it’s totally worth the effort.

If you are ready to wander off deeper into the mountains, check it out. 

Take the Tatev cable car between Halidzor and the Tatev monastery to have a better view of the area.

And don’t miss Shaki Waterfall, when you are in the area.

Dilijan National Park

dilijan national park armenia

Nature lovers, this is the place for you.

If you like hiking, or you simply would like to spend some time in nature, definitely add the Dilijan National Park to your Armenia itinerary. There are eleven mapped hiking trails in the park, but you can easily combine them and spend even a whole week in the park, if you would like to do so.

Also a part of the Transcaucasian Trail goes through the Dilijan National Park. 


Armenia travel tips


  1. Most likely you don’t need a visa to visit Armenia. All European Union citizens don’t need a visa when travelling to Armenia, as long as the stay doesn’t exceed 180 days within a period of 1 year.
  2. The best time to visit Armenia is spring and autumn. Weather in spring is pleasant, and the countryside is covered in wildflowers, making it a perfect time for hiking. Autumn has long, warm days. Summers on the other hand can be very hot (+40 C), with no breeze.
  3. Learn some basic phrases in Russian. Or, even better — Armenian. If you don’t speak Russian or Armenian, you may find communication difficult, as most people don’t speak English. But it’s not impossible.
  4. Buses and mashrutkas (minibuses) are popular in Armenia. If you prefer to travel by public transportation, they are your best bet for getting around in Armenia, at least between the biggest towns. Train also is an option, but a less popular one.
  5. The tourism industry of Armenia is still in its early stages. Take that into account when planning a trip to Armenia. Don’t set your expectations too high regarding hospitality services, especially if you’ll be travelling on a budget. And if Google says that the ride will take you only 2 hours, count in at least 3 hours. Travelling around the country in Armenia can be rough.

You can visit Armenia and Georgia (read about 7 best places to visit in GEORGIA) on a single trip. Flights to Georgia (especially Kutaisi) tend to be cheaper than flights directly to Armenia. Take advantage of that! Fly to Georgia. Do a trip around the country. Travel overland to Armenia. And return home via Georgia.