7 best places to visit in CYPRUS

Maybe you are thinking about the next travel destination, how about Cyprus? Want to know more about the best places to visit in Cyprus?

Cyprus is a popular holiday destination for Europeans. Thanks to its location Cyprus experiences more than 300 days of sunshine a year. It is truly an island in the sun!

Cyprus is the place to go if you want to extend the summer. It’s still warm and sunny in Cyprus when it’s already cold and grey in the rest of Europe. Cyprus is also a great spring destination, as spring in Cyprus often arrives as early as February!

The country is home to sought after blue flag beaches with clear waters and golden sands, one of the main reasons why so many flocks to Cyprus.

However, there are plenty of other amazing things to do in Cyprus.

Read on to find out what are the best places to visit in Cyprus.

7 best places to visit in Cyprus

1. Paphos

best places to visit in CYPRUS

Paphos is one of the best places to visit in Cyprus, if not the best! Why? It boasts many places of interest, and all of them are so good, they should be on your “must-see” list!

Kato Paphos Archaeological Park (which is still under excavation) features remnants from Paphos’ Roman period. The most significant remains so far are four large Roman villas: the House of Dionysos, the House of Aion, the House of Theseus and the House of Orpheus.

All villas are decorated with floor mosaics which show themes of mythology. The House of Dionysus has the most impressive mosaics, and they are among the finest to be found in the Mediterranean.

Kato Paphos Archaeological Park is a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Tombs of the Kings, another UNESCO World Heritage site, are underground tombs and a popular tourist attraction. The tombs are carved out of rock and date back to the 4th century BC.

There are several great attractions outside the city as well, such as The EDRO III shipwreck, Coral Bay and Sea Caves of Peyia. Coral Bay beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in all of Cyprus.

2. Larnaca

places to visit in CYPRUS

Larnaca is another popular tourist destination in Cyprus. It is a gorgeous tourist town that dates back to ancient times.

Larnaca is a popular destination for divers. MS Zenobia wreck, a popular dive site, is located off the coast from Mackenzie Beach in Larnaca. It is called the diver’s dream wreck by some, and most probably it is! Actually MS Zenobia is considered one of the best wreck dives in the world.

Larnaca salt lake and Finikoudes Beach are the most popular tourist attractions in Larnaca and among the best places to visit in Cyprus.

3. Limassol

visit cyprus

Being the second-largest city in Cyprus, Limassol has a lot to offer to its visitors. It has it all — beautiful beaches, historical sights, nightlife, and culture.

Limassol boasts several great Blue Flag beaches. Akti Olympion Beach is the central beach of Limassol, located near the historic center of the city.

Limassol beach path is a great place for an evening walk. The path is a wooden footbridge that runs along the coast. Restaurants and a number of lively bars run along the beach path.

If you are visiting Limassol, do not miss Ancient Kourion which is ruins of the ancient city-state located not far from Limassol.

4. Akamas Peninsula

Akamas Peninsula is a protected nature reserve. It is still mostly undeveloped and is famed for its breathtaking beauty.

One of the most impressive places on the Akamas Peninsula is Avakas Gorge. There’s a trail leading through the gorge which is roughly 2.5 kilometers long. It is one of the most beautiful gorges in Cyprus and is highly recommended for hiking.

There are several other nature trails on the peninsula.

But probably the most popular place in Akamas is the Blue Lagoon. It’s a small bay in the north-east of the peninsula. The crystal blue waters there are so clear, you can see all the way to the sea bed.

5. Ayia Napa

Ayia Napa is the party capital of Cyprus and a perfect holiday destination for young people.

But even if you are not into partying, we still would recommend you to visit Ayia Napa. It is home to some of the country’s greatest beaches. By the way, Ayia Napa comes first in the number of beaches certified as having the Blue Flag status. Which is 14!

Kamara Tou Koraka, a stone arch located not far from Ayia Napa, is one of the most beautiful places in all of Cyprus.

Also, do not miss Cape Greco Sea Caves! There are two sea cave areas in Cyprus, and Cape Greco is one of them. Cape Greco caves are a series of rock bridges, hidden caves, and tunnels that run along the stunning coastline in the area of Ayia Napa.

6. Petra tou Romiou (Aphrodite’s Rock)

Petra tou Romiou (or Aphrodite’s Rock) is a large sea stack and a popular tourist attraction in Cyprus. It is situated off the shore, halfway between Paphos and Limassol.

According to one legend, Aphrodite’s Rock is the birthplace of the goddess Aphrodite. Hence the name — Aphrodite’s Rock.

There’s a crescent-shaped pebble beach near the rock – the beach of Aphrodite

The coast there is scenic, and you can enjoy the view of the crescent-shaped beach and the rock from above, as the coast is high and rocky. There’s also a viewpoint on the top of the hill.

7. The Peninsula of Karpasia

The Peninsula of Karpasia is situated in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.

To get there you’ll have to cross the border into the Turkish side. Don’t worry, you don’t need a visa to cross the border. Citizens of almost all countries may enter TRNC without a visa for up to 90 days.

The Peninsula of Karpasia boasts beautiful beaches, secluded coves, and white sand dunes. The sea there is calm and clear. 

The Peninsula of Karpasia is visited by few tourists. So, here you won’t find crowds like in Paphos and Ayia Napa.

Head to the north-easternmost point of the island of Cyprus, where Monastery of Apostolos Andreas, is located. It used to be an important pilgrimage site, but it still remains one of the island’s most important religious sites.

Cyprus travel tips

  1. Cyprus is a member of the EU. So, if you are an EU citizen, you don’t need a visa to travel to Cyprus.
  2. Cyprus is divided into two: The Republic of Cyprus and the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. If you want to visit Northern Cyprus as well, no worries, because you can! Citizens of all countries may enter without a visa for up to 90 days. So, there will be no problem traveling to the northern part of Cyprus.
  3. Renting a car in Cyprus is the best way to see this beautiful country. That way you’ll be able to visit not only the major tourist spots but also smaller towns.
  4. The tourist season in Cyprus lasts from April to October. The best time to visit Cyprus for ideal weather is May – June, and September – October. July and August are the hottest and driest months. At daytime temperatures can climb up to 37°C.
  5. Dress conservatively if going to a church, monastery or a mosque. Wear long trousers or a skirt to cover your legs and a shirt that covers your arms.
  6. Remember – beachwear is confined to the beach or poolside. Do not wear your bikini/trunks on the streets.