Cyprus is reopening on June 9th and will refund your trip if you catch Covid-19

Cyprus transport minister Yiannis Karousos has said that hotels in Cyprus will open from June 1, while international flights can kick off again from June 9.

And there’s a twist to lure back visitors: if you test positive for Covid-19 after visiting, the Cypriot government will reimburse your travel costs.

As for who will be allowed entry to the country, Cyprus has drawn up a list of countries that will be granted access in two stages.

The first stage will see flights from Greece, Malta, Bulgaria, Norway, Austria, Finland, Slovenia, Hungary, Israel, Denmark, Germany, Slovakia and Lithuania landing in Cyprus. The second, which will come into effect on June 20, will allow flights from Switzerland, Poland, Romania, Croatia, Estonia and the Czech Republic too. (Some travellers will have to submit a recent, negative test result)

If your homeland is on the list of approved countries, the Cypriot government has come up with a pretty unusual guarantee to encourage you to visit the country. It’s pledging to pay the holiday expenses of any travellers who test positive for coronavirus after visiting.

Accommodation, medicine, and food for the entire affected group would all be included, with travellers only needing to pay for their journey back home. A dedicated hospital and hotel would also be available for stricken tourists.

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