Flight from Bratislava to MILAN for €26 both ways!

Flights from Bratislava to MILAN cost €26 round-trip by Ryanair. Find the cheapest flights from Bratislava to Milan and book your ticket at the best price! Flights from Bratislava to Milan cost €26 both ways.

Milan is financially the most important city in Italy. It has the second most populous city proper in the country, but sits at the centre of Italy’s largest urban and metropolitan area. While incorrectly not considered as beautiful as some Italian cities, having been partly destroyed by Second World War bomb raids, the city has rebuilt itself into a thriving cosmopolitan business capital. In essence, for a tourist, what makes Milan interesting compared to other places is that the city is truly more about the lifestyle of enjoying worldly pleasures: a paradise for shopping, football, opera, and nightlife. Milan remains the marketplace for Italian fashion – fashion aficionados, supermodels and international paparazzi descend upon the city twice a year for its spring and autumn fairs. Don’t get fooled by the modern aspect of the city, since it’s one of the most ancient cities in Europe with more than 26 centuries of history and heritage!


Bratislava – Milan – Bratislava  (€26)

Travel dates:

January 2017


16 – 18 Jan
16 – 25 Jan
18 – 25 Jan
23 – 25 Jan

and a lot of other dates for €28

Where to book:


Cabin baggage up to 10kg is included. More detailed information about Ryanair baggage allowance and fees at www.airlinesbaggage.com

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