EARLY BOOKING! 27-days Full-board cruise from Rome to Mumbai, India for €959

27-days Full-board cruise from Rome to Mumbai, India for €959 (ALL INCLUSIVE, except alcohol and service tips). Join the cruise from Italy to India with FULL BOARD, it starts in Rome on 19 October 2020. Do not miss the Costa cruise DEAL!

Costa Victoria is a Victoria-class cruise ship owned and operated by Costa Crociere. She debuted in 1996 and was refurbished in 2004. She was designed to reflect the spirit of Italy. Features include the panoramic Concorde Plaza, an indoor pool, the ultramodern Pompei Spa, and the seven-deck Planetarium Atrium.

Travel dates:

19 October – 14 November 2020

Ship – Costa Victoria

Cruise Itinerary:

Italy – Greece – Israel – Jordan – Oman – Maldives – Sri Lanka – India

Full board cruise from Rome to Mumbai India

Where to book?


Website is in the German language, please use Google translate if it is needed

Full board accommodation (breakfast, lunch, afternoon coffee, dinner, snacks during the day, sometimes midnight snacks). There will be possible to use for free-on-board facilities. Participation in all recreational activities, entertainment programs on board, musical shows, cabaret dances and programmed festivals during the cruise.

NB! There are services charges which are not included! Service Fees: Adults € 10,00 per day. The fee will be paid on board at the end of the cruise.

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