MEGA! Non-Stop Flight from France to GUADELOUPE + 14-Days Full Board cruise from Caribbean Islands back to Europe for €448

Non-Stop Flight from France to GUADELOUPE + 14-Days Full Board cruise from Caribbean Islands back to Europe for €448 (flight to Caribbean Islands included). All Inclusive cruise to Savona, Italy (transfer from Savona – Nice included) from Martinique on 5 April + flight from Paris, France to Guadeloupe on 26 March. The price does not include service tips and alcohol on the cruise board.

Costa Pacifica is a Guinness Book of Records record holder because it was christened in Genoa the same day as the Costa Luminosa. Its motto is “the sea in music”: themes of the fittings and the names of the decks are all related to the world of music.

Each room is decorated with images of composers, operas and musical instruments. The interior design of Costa Pacifica was designed by an innovative artist in a harmonious blend of different styles. Music is played throughout the ship during the day. Particular care was taken aboard to provide flawless sound quality and the maestro Mauro Pagani has also written thirty pieces exclusively for this cruise ship. When you’re tired of the music, visit the external decks to listen to the melody created by the lapping of the waves. Total number of Guests 3780, number of Crew 1110.


Paris – Guadeloupe (129 EUR per person)

26 March

paris guadeloupe

Cruise Itinerary:

4 – 19 April (319 EUR per person)

Guadeloupe – Antilles (Saint Lucia) – Canary Islands (Tenerife) – Gibraltar – Barcelona – Italy (Savona)

NB! There is included transfer from Savona to Nice (French Riviera)

Full Board cruise from Caribbean Islands back to Europe


Costa Pacifica

The price does not include Service Fees: Adults €10.00 per day. The charge will be paid on board at the end of the cruise.

Where to book?

COSTA for cruise

SKYSCANNER for flights

Full board accommodation (breakfast, lunch, afternoon coffee, dinner, snacks during the day, sometimes midnight snacks). There will be possible to use for free-on-board facilities. Participation in all recreational activities, entertainment programs on board, musical shows, cabaret dances and programmed festivals during the cruise.

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