Have you heard about Ryanair Strike 2019? Irish union pilots flying for Ryanair are threatening strike action for 22 and 23 August. British union pilots flying for Ryanair will strike at the same time as well. Furthermore, UK pilots are planning an additional strike from 2 to 4 September.

Ryanair is an Irish low-cost airline founded in 1984 with its primary operational bases at Dublin and London Stansted airports. It forms the largest part of the Ryanair Holdings family of airlines and has Ryanair UK, Ryanair Sun and Lauda as sister airlines. In 2016, Ryanair was the largest European budget airline by scheduled passengers flown and carried more international passengers than any other airline. Ryanair operates more than 400 Boeing 737-800 aircraft, with a single 737-700 used primarily as a charter aircraft, but also as a backup and for pilot training. Ryanair’s route network serves 38 countries in Europe, North Africa (Morocco), and the Middle East (Israel, Lebanon and Jordan).


Ryanair has won its Dublin High Court bid to stop a proposed pilot strike in Ireland this week. All Ryanair flights scheduled to depart on Thurs 22nd and Fri 23rd from Irish airports will now operate as normal.

Ryanair applied today to the UK High Court as well for an injunction to prevent an unjustified strike by a small minority of UK pilots on Thur 22 and Fri 23 Aug. If this injunction is successful then the risk of flight disruption will be removed.

ryanair strike ireland

What flights are affected by Ryanair strike?

It is not known yet which flights will be delayed or canceled due to Ryanair strike. However, the fact that the striking pilots are all based in the UK indicates that flights to and from UK airports will be definitely affected. Stansted, Ryanair’s main UK base, might have most flight delays and cancellations. Ryanair will do everything to avoid delayed or canceled flights by replacing pilots. Tens of thousands of air passengers might be affected on those strike dates.

Some flights might get canceled during Ryanair strike, so passengers should check their flight status with the airline. Ryanair usually informs about flight cancellation 2 – 3 days before departure.

To know about the latest travel updates check on Ryanair website, where you can enter your flight details below to check on the latest status of your flight. If your flight has been affected by any disruption you will receive an email & SMS notification from Ryanair.

ryanair strike 2019

Ryanair’s Chief People Officer Eddie Wilson:

“We have done everything in our power to avoid disruption to our flights and our customers’ holidays. However, no company can concede to grossly unreasonable demands from its highest-paid workers for a further pay increase of over 100% (when they already agreed and received a 20% pay increase earlier this year) at a time when the airline industry is in crisis.

Ryanair pilots who are already among the best-paid workers in Ireland are now threatening to disrupt the holiday travel plans of thousands of customers over the coming weeks as they demand that their pay be increased from €172,000 p.a. to over €347,000 p.a. that would see them earn more than the President of Ireland or our Taoiseach, even as Norwegian makes all of its Dublin pilots redundant. We remain willing to engage in Mediation with our pilots and Fórsa but call on them to avoid disrupting our customers’ travel plans in pursuit of what are clearly unrealistic and unimplementable pay proposals.”

What do I do if my flight is canceled due to the strike?

Under EU regulation 261, airlines must offer passengers affected by cancellations a full refund or a rerouting on the next available flight or at a later time that suits the passenger. If you opt for a refund the airline’s responsibility to you ends. If you ask to be put on the next available flight then the airline must provide care and assistance until you can be accommodated on an alternative flight.

Detailed information about Air Passenger Rights you can read HERE. There is also an app for passengers traveling in the EU. The application covers your rights for all modes of transport, and is available on the following platforms – Apple iPhone and iPad, Google Android, RIM Blackberry and Microsoft Windows Phone.

If your flight is canceled

You are entitled to claim compensation if your flight is canceled. The amounts stipulated are:

  • 250 EUR, flight distance up to 1500 km;
  • 400 EUR, any flight within the EU over 1500 km or any other flight between 1500 – 3500 km
  • 600 EUR, for all other flights (long haul)

Compensation is reduced by 50% if the airline gives you the option of re-routing your flights and the ultimate arrival time of the re-routed flights would be within two hours of your originally scheduled arrival time for short-haul flights, within three hours for medium-haul flights, and within four hours for long haul flights.

Compensation can be paid by cash, bank transfer or cheque. Only if the passenger agrees can it be paid in travel vouchers or other services.

If Your flight is delayed

Depending on the distance of your flight and the length, and reason for, your delay you could also be entitled to claim compensation.

  • at least 2 hours for a flight of 1500 km or less
  • 3 hours or more for all flights within the EU exceeding 1500 km
  • 3 hours for all other flights between 1500 km and 3500 km
  • more than 4 hours for all other flights

Such a delay will give you an automatic right to meals/refreshments and telephone calls. If a delay means your departure isn’t until the following day, then you may be entitled to hotel accommodation.

You can claim compensation if the delay means you arrive at your destination more than 3 hours later than the originally scheduled arrival time.  The compensation to which you are entitled will range from between €250 and €600, depending on the length of your flight and the length of the delay.


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