ZELF Promotion Code: First messenger bank + €5 BONUS

Zelf is the first bank in messenger and you can get Zelf promo code with 5 EUR bonus on it. It works seamlessly in Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Viber, LINE, Telegram and WeChat (soon Discord, Skype and Google Hangouts). Users get full control on Zelf bank over their money from the messenger of their choice.

To send and receive money users create an account for free and within 30 sec get a virtual card, delivered to Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay. Besides unprecedentedly fast onboarding new clients enjoy AI-powered voice control overall operations with their money (commands like “Show me my balance”, “Create invoice for 50$”, “ask dad for 100$”, “Show me my expenses for November”) or use ergonomic button interface, all without leaving the messenger. Banking will also be possible by voice command – with Siri, Google Assistant, Alexa and Line’s Clova all coming soon.

ZELF`s most unique feature is the ability to issue virtual cards in less than 30 seconds through messengers (Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram, LINE and soon Discord), with an easy, but fully KYC & AML compliant onboarding, and to start sending and receiving money in a messenger of their choice. For offline and online purchases, the cards will support mobile NFC Xpay technologies, thanks to Treezor’s and Mastercard’s tokenization platform.

If you are tired of clunky banking apps and want to send and receive money right in your messenger, Zelf is here for you 24/7. Send and receive money and create invoices in seconds.

Get a Zelf card in 30 sec

Use it online and offline. No fees. Instant money in messengers. No apps. No banks. In voice.

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Just say 💬 what you need

Zelf will do the rest: send and request money, check your balance, monitor account statements, set spending limits.

Zelf is available worldwide. It’s free. If you want to boost your savings account or expand the limits there will be Premium plan. Card pre-order is on. First cards will be issued on 31 May.

Transfer money to friends? Invite them to Zelf by sending your Zelf invite code link or showing your QR code.

Sometimes it’s easier to say than to look for the right button. Zelf is learning natural language and will understand your text and voice commands, like “Ask Franklin €50 for the night out”, “Send mum €10”, “Show my balance”.

What can I do with Zelf account?

When you sign up to Zelf, you get access to all the basic banking operations, but very fast and simple. You can pre-order your Zelf card in 30 seconds and later on add it to Apple Pay or Google Pay. After that, you can: check your balance, send money, ask for money, scan QR codes of other zelfers to send them money, create invoices, ask for reports on transactions and many more.

Join Zelf and get your €5 discount boost


Register Zelf bank program now and invite your friends and receive €5 cashback each!

With over 90,000 card pre-orders, ZELF is going to launch its no-card and no-app banking service in the EU, starting in France, Spain, and Poland.

zelf promo code 2020